Frequently asked questions

How do I know my emissions are actually being offset?

We only use verified third party offsets from Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Offsets. These guys are the ones who verify that offset projects are what they say they are. They put them through rigorous auditing process to check the validity of the projects claims and . You can also view the list of offsets we've invested in for you here.

How much of my money goes directly to offset projects?

70-90% of your funds is invested into the offset projects we support. The remaining goes to further development, upkeep costs, wages, marketing and growth to spread the word to more people about this project.
We calculated this to be a good amount as a well priced product, remain afloat as a business so that we're able to achieve the things we have planned toward our goal and purpose. We'll be sharing more about where we're heading with shortly. You can follow me (Liam) on Twitter to receive updates about and view our roadmap here.

What is carbon offsetting and how does it work?

Think of carbon offsetting kind of like an old school scale where you have 2 pans either side. The goal is to try and evenly balance objects on either side. But in this case we're trying to balance the amount of CO2 or carbon emissions that you produce with something that reduces or removes carbon, such as planting trees.
As an example, let's say you produce 10 carbon emissions in a day (this is not a real measure, but just for the sake of this explanation let's just run with it), which of course has a severe negative effect on the planet. However, let's say planting 1 tree removes 1 carbon emission, which means you'll need to plant 10 trees to take away those 10 carbon emissions you produced. Thus making you carbon neutral. And that's what carbon offsetting is.

Is my carbon footprint really so big (24t CO2)?

The short answer, it depends. As we're still in the process of building our super sleek carbon calculator, we can't tell you exactly how much you emit. However, depending on your lifestyle, your country and a number of other factors such as how much you consume, fly, buy, eat and more depends on your unique carbon footprint.
We decided we wanted to be sure we were offsetting most of the world's people amount by averages. So we set the bar high at one of the largest per capita carbon emitters in the world — Australians. That way if you sign up from Germany, for example, who on average emit 7.5 tonnes of CO2 per year, then you'll be more than covered, in fact you'll be carbon positive.

Are you a non-profit?

No we aren't a non-profit. But we are purpose driven — we want continue to develop tools that allow humans to manage and act upon their carbon emissions with ease and effortlessness.

Can I offset my family?

Yes of course! This feature also isn't public just yet, however, contact us here and just let us know here how many people are in your family that you'd like to offset

How do I offset my business?

We haven't launch business offsets publicly yet, but we're able to help you do this no problemo. Just drop us a message here to work out offsets for your business.

What do you have planned for future?

You can see our roadmap here. We really want to hear your thoughts and feedback back, so feel free to leave comments.

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