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made for humans.

Each month we offset the emissions you produce from your day-to-day activities into a curated selection of verified offset projects — helping you to a become less impactful human being and live a zero carbon life.

Designed to help you manage your individual carbon footprint.

it's simple to lower your impact

Here's how it works

Offsetting is an effective and impacful way of taking the first step in better carbon footprint management for oneself. If everyone went carbon neutral by offsetting, we'd be in a much better place toward a sustainable future.

1. Select an offset project

We have a range of interesting and highly impactful offset projects types and different geographical locations around the world. These include reforest and afforestation projects, wind and solar farms, biomass to energy conversion and other unique projects.

2. New projects each month

Each month we carefully select projects to offset your emissions into for that month. We'll send you a monthly email update with details about theses project and the positive impact you're creating.

3. Grow your offset portfolio

Over the course of a year, you'll be able to see that you have grown a diverse portfolio of offset projects and learn about the emissions you've reduced and life on earth you've supported.

a curated selection

Current and past projects we've supported

Verified offsets provided by trusted third-party offset providers such as the United Nations. That way you can be assured your offsets are verifiable, accurate and permanent.

Verified carbon offsets by:

Risk husk energy in Cambodia

Biomass + Energy

This project mitigates carbon emissions from not using diesel oil, insteadusing waste products such as rice husks. The power generated particularly powers a rice mill and any surplus energy is provided to the local grid.

Food waste to power in India

Biomass + Energy

This project turns organic waste products that would other wise go to landfill, which would break down and create methane gas which is 23x more potent than carbon alone with regards to contributing to atmospheric emissions.

Wind farm in Mongolia

Wind energy

The goal of this project is to reduce green house gas emissions of the main power grid in Mongolia by producing clean wind generated energy. It will save an estimated ~200,000 tonnes of CO2e annually.

Water to energy in Costa Rica


This hydroelectric power plant is generates power for Costa Ricas main power grid and contributes to the country's sustainability goals and environmental targets. The project has helped to support many local communities in the area.

Wind project in India

Wind Energy

Wind generated power from a handful of turbines in India. This project mitigates GHG emissions that would have otherwise been produced by coal and other non-renewable means of power generation for the grid.

Reforestation in Australia

Biomass + Energy

This project has helped and continues to  avoid 280,000 tCO2e of emissions each year. This is the equivalent of 59,448 cars not being each year. It's all about reforestation, afforestation, protecting native wildlife, ecology and  ecotourism.

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Made for individuals.
Built for the collective effort.

Join us in reaching our goal of 300 tonnes carbon emissions offset each month by April.

Carbon offset monthly goal

68.51% completed to goal
Offset so far
228.17 tonnes CO2e
82 x
Offset goal
300 tonnes CO2e
108 x
Join us and go carbon neutral
Beginner — 50% offset
1 tonne CO2e / month
0.36 x
Pro human — 100% offset
2 tonne CO2e / month
0.72 x
Super human — 300% offset
6 tonne CO2e / month
2.17 x
^ the equialent of X number of cars not being driven for 1 year.

Beyond offsetting...

We want to enable everyone to understand and act upon their carbon footprint. We believe that giving people the tools to live more sustainable lives with ease and effortlessness is the key to solving this enormous and complex problem we've created.

Carbon offsetting is only the beginning of helping you manage your personal carbon footprint.

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"I signed up for literally as soon as I found it. I've been looking for a simple way to offset my own carbon emissions for a while now and this ticks all the boxes."
Nathan Murphy
Founder of Just Media NetworkQuizbreaker
"I've been systematically trying to reduce my impact on the environment but have learnt that it can be really hard in some areas of life. Signing up for has been super empowering for me to be able to help me manage my impact. Really looking forward to what's next to come with!"
Gabi Lim
Founder at Arcadium Adventures & Co-Founder at TRAPT

Become a zero carbon human.

It's the little things that matter — take the first step toward a more sustainable lifestyle by offsetting your carbon footprint. It costs less than a coffee each week. And you'll join a rare group of humans on this planet who're also living carbon neutral.
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